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KATE BANKSTON - Kate Bankston is a musician and songwriter from Charlotte, NC. The songs from her debut album, “Cry A Little” are full of dynamic vocals, catchy arrangements, and lyrics that will keep you singing along after the show. Her style has been compared to Norah Jones, Lake Street Dive, and Carol King. Kate mixes and moves through genres like Pop, Jazz, and Folk boldly with her background as a pianist and vocalist driving the direction of her songs.

KEVIN HOLDSON - Holdson's music draws profound inspiration from the vibrant musical heritage of Kentucky, echoing the soulful rhythms of the broader Appalachian region. His compositions stand out for their heartfelt narratives, weaving authentic stories into each note and lyric.

JACOOZY - Jacoozy is a five-piece jam band originating in Boone, NC, blending styles from Rock, Indie, Blues and Hip Hop. As a group of proficient musicians with electric improvisation and captivating live shows, their core following has quickly spread to cities across NC and states throughout the south. Their recent EP release shot their monthly listeners to over 25,000 on Spotify, thanks in part to the success of their song "Cold Hearted", which has garnered over 300,000 streams on Spotify alone.

EUGENIUS - North Carolina native Eugenius is a rapper, producer and songwriter. Born Timothy Eugene Peterson to a preacher and a playwright, he suffered from stage fright for most of his childhood. As a young teenager he found solace in hip-hop. Drawing inspiration from his faith and life experiences, he began putting his thoughts to music as a teenager and hasn't stopped since.

SOLA - Sola is a lively and upbeat one woman show! Prepare for a showcase of cultural fusion through their music and energy!

HIS & HERS - His & Hers is a husband and wife fronted Americana/Folk band from North Carolina. Caleb and Sara Davis have been playing together as His & Hers since 2013, releasing three albums, including “Come On In”, which came out in September of 2022. His & Hers plays original music about family and relationships that pull at your heart strings and make you unable to hold in your smiles.

TRANSCENDENTALWEATHER - Transcendentalweather is a divine being having a human experience. Based in North Carolina, they experiment with and produce different genres to channel messages from the universe that truly resonate with their listeners. Mostly creating Fae Punk, or Punk music for fairies, they use catchy pop lyrics and melodies paired with heavy beats and breakdowns to relate to what others might be feeling or going through.

TAMRA SIMONE & THE FINNA'S - Tamra Simone + the Finna's is a Funk, Blues and Soul band Based in Charlotte, NC! Think James Brown, BB King and Andre 3000 with an Amy Winehouse flare! Tamra Simone is a singer songwriter who writes songs about love, loss, sass and having fun! Things that bring everyone together! The raw energy of the band is apparent and a sight to see! They Finna bring you music for the soul! What does finna mean? Finna, a contraction of “fixing to”, means “getting ready to do something. So Get Ready!

IVY MOON - Ivy Moon has enjoyed the rhythms and sounds of music since she was old enough to make infant sounds of her own. Singing all her life along side her mother, who’s a choir director. Ivy Moon is a petite, talented singer from South Carolina. Her expression of songs has begun to propel her talent into arenas for a vast audience to see and enjoy. Ivy Moon’s melody, dreamy, groovy EP called "Soulmatic" was released June 22, 2018. In September of 2021 she opened up for Curt Keyz album release concert at the Visualizer Theatre. Ivy Moon later dropped her grand hit Ice Cold in 2022 performing for Major Stage Platform in Brooklyn, New York at The Meadows.

GOVERNMENT WHISKEY - Hard driving four piece Southern Rock group from Austin, TX, Government Whiskey has roots in Texas Country and Americana. They play a diverse set of songs varying from slow and soulful rock ballads, to heavy country rock. Their set will be a mix of original songs and adaptations of well known covers.

KAY MARION - Multi-genre vocalist Kay Marion is a lively, high-spirited musician enjoying a diverse career in vocal performances, theatre, and arts advocacy. Her passion for the performing arts has led to her training in several fields including film/television, theatre, classical performance, Jazz, and R&B performance. She acquired her Bachelors of Arts degrees in Music and Public Policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance from Longy School of Music of Bard College and is currently working towards her Certified Music Practitioner license from the Music for Healing and Transition Program.

PAULY - Pauly is the solo project of Pauly Scott, a well known musician in the NC independent scene. Pauly is the drummer for popular band Jacoozy and Boone based band Solastalgia. In addition to recording and releasing music he features with local hip-hop artists as well. He is also active as a booker and promoter and helped setup several high attendance hip-hop shows in Boone.

MAYIA - MAYIA is a dynamic new artist hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina, with a rich soulful sound that exudes power and inspiration! Her debut album "Outta My Own Way", highlights lessons from her life's journey in an authentic presentation, in hopes of encouraging those who have similar experiences of navigating through pain, disappointment, and loneliness. Within the scope of her album, she tethers together the themes of mental health, invisible disabilities, trauma, and perfectionism in a way that is raw and impactful. Each track embodies the lessons she continues to unpack in her current phase of life. Her first single "Count It All Joy", depicts MAYIA's recognition of the truth that joy and sorrow may often coexist. It's currently playing on 90.1.

SHINES - Born and raised in Tokyo, minimalist synth artist Shines now calls NC his home. With an arsenal of tiny desktop synths & effects, Shines will create massive waves of sound to dance, jump, and sing along to!

ERIK HAWK & HARD LUCK - Born in Wadesboro, North Carolina and raised in nearby Rockingham, Erik Hawks has always had a deep love for country music. Influenced by such artists as Vince Gill, Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton, he hangs his hat on writing deep, emotional songs that strive to be both personal and relatable. “I find it easiest to write about things either I’ve personally experienced or that my friends and family have experienced,” he says. “For me, that’s where the rubber meets the road.” Erik has released two singles — “Notebooks” and “Tracing Your Tattoos" — which are available on all streaming platforms. He has also opened for artists such as Matt Stell, Elvie Shane and Scotty McCreery.

TYLER NAIL - Tyler Nail is a songwriter, performer, and multi-instrumentalist from Winston-Salem, NC. He is currently preparing for the release of a new stripped-down, solo album. The creation of this album was a departure from that of previous projects by Tyler Nail. Through it, Nail explored extreme self-acceptance and independence, which seems to be the theme of the artists current life. Presenting the sounds of North Carolina heritage and Appalachian tradition, Tyler Nail is in fresh artistic and personal territory.

DYFRNT - Originally from Austin, TX, DYFRNT brings an eclectic mix of hip hop, indie rock and funk to every stage. By combining his energetic vocals and his drum skills, he leads his band from both the front and the back. DYFRNT is currently working on an EP and is building curriculum for modern music education in public schools.

TOREN MOZINGO - Toren Mozingo is an R&B artist based in Greensboro, NC whose talent and vocals will hold your attention long after the show is over. Toren's new project "Complex" is set to release Jan. 12, 2024.

UNHEARD PROJECT - Unheard Project is a Jazz Fusion collective of the some of the most talented full-time musicians in NC’s Piedmont who perform Gospel and groove-based melodic original compositions, virtuosic improvisations, and rearrangements of popular fan favorites. Featuring graduates of top Jazz programs, veterans of the gospel scene, and members of Rock, Latin, Funk, R&B, and Pop bands, Unheard Project plays expertly in a variety of styles with tons of personality and onstage presence. From originals to party music, from formal events to outdoor festivals, from sophisticated Jazz sets to bangin’ block parties, Unheard Project brings the entertainment and enjoyment to your event or venue.

JAZZ CABBAGE - Jazz Cabbage is a culmination of many styles coming from a wild mix of musicians - funk, soul, blues, bossa and many more. As a group that began from the connections made by the Popular Music and Technology focus at UNCG, the sound is a fresh harvest of the finest herbs and spices.

DEVIANT SOUNDS - Devan Dewalt, affectionately know by the moniker DEViANt Sounds, has been a creative ambassador and STEAM advocate for the Triad for the latter part of his life. Believing that “the journey is just as important as the destination”, Devan sparks intrinsic thought and an intimate relationship within music making, ultimately providing a deep connection with the work. He embodies the work that he does in his everyday displays of music production and sound design in the city of Greensboro.

LEEVILLE - LEEVILLE is the maestro of Alternative Pop & Electronic R&B hailing from Greensboro, NC. He thrives in a world of harmonious melodies, seamlessly transitioning from lush arrangements to pulsating dance tracks. LEEVILLE's compositions serve as windows into his synesthetic experiences, showcasing his passion for collaborative harmonic expression. With a genre-bending spirit and a penchant for creating diverse musical landscapes, he's not just an artist but also an educator. Stay tuned for his debut album in spring 2024, and immerse yourself in the captivating harmonic alchemy of LEEVILLE – welcome to the village!

DJ TINY - DJ Tiny is an open format DJ currently living in Los Angeles California. Originally a resident DJ at some of Texas' hottest night clubs, he has been providing support for major touring acts in addition to some dates in international destinations. DJ Tiny is a crowd rocker and festival favorite who is always guaranteed to get the crowd moving!

CAROLINA RHYTHM MACHINE - Carolina Rhythm Machine (CRM) is a 6-piece band located in the heart of the Piedmont Triad area in North Carolina. They perform your favorite Beach , R&B, Southern Rock and country from the 60’s & 70’s all the way to current hits. Carolina Rhythm Machine is composed of many great longtime musicians.

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